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Aravenda E-commerce Sneaker & Streetwear Consignment Inventory Management Software

The industry’s most robust offering that understands the complexity of selling varying types of sneakers & streetwear globally.

We got our start in clothing consignment and we know the details of authentication, intellectual property and photo credits, merchant ID requirements, and cross-posting pictures of the actual item properly – not using the designer stock photo which is a high-risk practice in this industry.

We lead resale industry innovation from start to finish based on our customers’ continuous feedback. We are the only fully mobile enabled consignment software with automated* inbound shipping, inventory management, integrated consignor payouts, and custom website creation with automated catalogs coming soon. We understand your passion, as it is our passion too.

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Aravenda Knows How Important Technology Is To Your Sneaker & Streetwear Business.

We are one of the only consignment software companies that offer unique features critical to your business like:

Show one photo per style on your Shopify site – Display multiple consignor’s items with different variants and prices in one
Shopify product  

Remote item entry and
pre-approval processes

Fully integrated options to Shopify payments for brick and mortar and online sellers

Seamless inbound shipping options

Location fields used for warehousing, multi-state and multi-country shippers

What Aravenda’s Online Inventory Management Software Does For Resellers

Start your consignment store today – the right way – with CUSTOM website design & setup

Convert from your existing brick & mortar POS consignment inventory system so you can sell while you’re sleeping

Manage consignment payouts & cross post items quickly to major shopping sites

6 Reasons Why Aravenda Is The Best Consignment Software For Sneaker & Streetwear Resellers

Single Entry Cross


Our e-commerce inventory management software promotes your products across the Internet with just a few clicks with our custom Shopify integration. Let us link your inventory with your, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as Google Shopping. Sell more than you ever imagined.


Our in-house graphic design team develops innovative websites that drive sales traffic and promote your brand you’ve worked so hard to develop. We work with you one-on-one to customize features you might want like remote item entry for consignors, inbound shipping options like the RealReal has as well as ‘make an offer’ buttons and more.

Sneaker & Streetwear Consignment Features


Our data entry system allows consistent posting of all items no matter who enters them. You decide what pictures you want, in what order, clothing measurement options, and other key selling details so your employees can enter items efficiently. Integrated consignor payouts, a single merchant ID, alternative payment methods, and 24/7 support. A one-stop shop for all your business needs with integrated catalog item entry coming soon.

Aravenda knows how important technology is to your sneaker and streetwear business.

We are one of the only consignment software companies that offer unique features critical to your business like:

Showing all consignors’ items under one shoe listing, with different colors, conditions, sizes, and prices on your website
Seamless inbound shipping options
Remote item entry and pre-approval processes
Fully integrated options to Shopify payments for brick-and-mortar and online sellers
Location fields used for warehousing, multi-state, and multi-country shippers

Data Conversion

Whether you’re completely manual or converting from another automated system, we transfer your data to streamline your existing inventory. Our tech team will work with you to capture as much consignor and customer data as your needs require. A data conversion fee might apply.

Shopify POS

Shopify is the leading provider of Point of Sale items necessary to run a brick-and-mortar store as well as selling online in one seamless integration. Aravenda is the premier Shopify Partner in the consignment resale industry. Fully integrated alternatives to Shopify Payments are available

Access Anywhere, Anytime


Our web-based software always allows you to connect wherever is convenient for you, using whatever device you prefer. No download required and no installation, login from any browser on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

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What Are Your Outcomes?

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Reach a Global Customer Base

Transform your local store into a global presence at an affordable rate of less than $10 a day. Our software not only enables you to establish an online presence but also grants you access to our convenient single-entry cross-posting functionality, streamlining your daily operations.

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Expand Your Revenue

By bringing your inventory online, you’ll witness the expansion of your business, allowing you to concentrate on catering to your growing customer base.

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Fully Mobile Enabled

Aravenda is the only fully mobile enabled consignment software. Run your whole business on the go with your phone.  Take photos, enter items remotely using your phone camera, speak your descriptions instead of typing, print tags and process sales onsite, charge delivery fees and more from anywhere you are.  Gain seamless access to your business requirements from any browser, at any place and time. Save valuable time on research with our automated pricing tool.

Automated* Inbound Shipping may not be available in every country. Not currently available in NZ.

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