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Our globally accessible SaaS platform quickly turns unused assets and excess supplies into online resale inventory for internal reallocation or for sale outside your organization.  Make a major leap forward towards your carbon neutrality goals with one easy decision.


Aravenda Asset Reallocation

Reach Your Carbon Neutrality Goals Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Every 25,000 pounds that are saved from landfills a month reduces carbon emissions by over 1,000,000 pounds annually.

Corporations, colleges, universities, governments, and NGOs utilize Aravenda to easily manage and transfer inventory and assets from one department, location, or branch to another.   

Aravenda makes reselling and facilitating donations of items like computers, printers, equipment, and even vehicles easy for both the company looking to donate or resell and the people and charities in need of such items. 

Save time and money while eliminating waste in complex purchasing organizations.  Increase your BCorp status with easy intercompany purchasing, allocations, materials transfers, and donations. 

Gain immediate global visibility around spare parts, extra materials, underutilized or unused equipment, and more.  

Learn more about how Aravenda’s Enterprise Product immediately increases your profits with simplified multi-echelon inventory control capabilities.

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Fast Setup

Fast & Easy Transfers

Move inventory across departments, branches, or divisions seamlessly using P-cards or customized payment settings. Users print shipping labels on demand.

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inventory & vendor management

Gain visibility into opportunities for savings and efficiency with customized reporting to fit your organization’s needs.  Unlimited users, vendors, locations, and products.

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scale globally & save locally

Allow internal and external stakeholders as well as end-users 24/7 global access to your platform.  Managing spare parts, unused items that can be repurposed or general inventory aging is easy with Aravenda.

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Corporate Carbon Reporting - Carbon Footprint Tracking Platform


Supercharge Your Sustainability Program For Less Than $10 A Day

Aravenda’s team takes great pride in working with all types of companies globally making major strides towards exceeding their sustainability by supporting the circular economy and adopting a “Reuse Before Buying New” core value that’s easily implemented across complex organizations.

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Fully Integrated


Whether you have an on premise exchange or want to manage everything virtually, budget allocations can be transferred across departments or resold with revenues hitting the correct department budgets as items are moved.


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Engage Employees and Stakeholders

Students, Managers, Interns, and Department heads can determine what they want to reallocate and easily procure items they may need that are available across the organization. Find all products from multiple locations, in one easy to use website.

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No more Excel spreadsheets or waiting for people to submit reports. Pull live data anytime you need it and track your impact toward meeting carbon-neutral goals with customized dashboard reporting that meets your needs.

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