Multi-Echelon Vendor Supplier Management

Leverage just in time buying options from suppliers globally via one easy to access and use browser based platform.  Reduce inventory carrying costs and eliminate complex Excel spreadsheets by using Aravenda’s  vendor and inventory management system for Enterprise Customers.

Aravenda Multi Echelon Vendor

Perform better, without the heavy  lifting

Create custom vendor and supplier friendly solutions to meet your procurement needs.  Buy and pay for exactly what you need, when you need it.

Fully Integrated

Fast & Easy purchasing

With automated vendor agreements including min/max on-hand inventory your organization can place orders, generate POs and even pay suppliers with your own white labeled portal that meets your procurement and fulfillment needs.  

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Customized supplier vendor portal

A lot less work for you, and easy uploads for them! Aravenda makes it easy for your supplier vendors to upload their own items through their own portal access point customized with permissions as you set forth.

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Create Reports

Aravenda makes reporting a breeze with customized dashboards that enable inventory visibility across complex organizations.  Get rid of complex Excel spreadsheets and save time and money with less data entry.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Visibility & Management

Manage global needs with one easy-to-use browser-based solution. Whether you are a Fortune 50 company or a local/regional manufacturer, Aravenda’s vendor and supplier management is easy to use and fully mobile enabled for use on the job from any location.

Learn more about how Aravenda’s Enterprise Product immediately increases your profits with simplified multi-echelon inventory control capabilities.

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Thousands of vendors can upload their items into Aravenda where your various internal buyers can purchase directly from vendors on demand.
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Unlimited Supplier Vendors

Invite your suppliers to access their vendor portal where they enter parts, supplies, and inventory they have agreed to supply you so your employees can see and buy what they need quickly and safely.  

Fully Integrated

inventory & vendor management

Gain visibility into opportunities for savings and efficiency with customized reporting to fit your organization’s needs.  Unlimited users, vendors, locations, and products.

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Fully mobile-enabled on-demand global ordering

Internal and external stakeholders as well as end-users have 24/7 global access to your platform from any device.  Create supply chain efficiency, save time and money with Aravenda. 

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