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We understand that you have a passion to provide your customers with the best reselling options and that you want to grow your business at the same time. We Provide Unique Services for All Types of Sellers

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Aravenda Graphics
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Sneakers & Streetwear

Aravenda Knows How Important Technology Is To Your Sneaker & Streetwear Business.
We are one of the only consignment software companies that offer unique features critical to your business.

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Furniture & Home Décor

Shipping and delivery options are usually a top priority for our users in furniture & home décor consignment. We help work through the details that are important to each individual company. Book a demo and find out more today.

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Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

The industry’s most robust offering understands the complexity of selling varying types of clothing options. Manage consignment payouts & cross-post items quickly.

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Fine Jewelry & Luxury Goods

We are the only consignment software with automated inbound shipping like the RealReal has, inventory management, integrated consignor payouts, and custom website creation.

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Art, Collectibles & Antiques

We focus on providing solutions around your reselling needs for things like inventory management, merchant payment systems, house account trade-in credits, consignor payouts, shipping and insurance concerns, and more.

Hardware - Icon

Tools, Hardware & Equipment

Aravenda understands the complexity of selling varying types of tools, hardware & equipment. We lead resale industry innovation from start to finish based on our customers’ continuous feedback.

Sporting Goods - Icon

Sporting Goods

Our global customer base resells everything from individual needs to team needs: bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, surfboards, wave runners, skateboards, tennis equipment, as well as team sports equipment for hockey, lacrosse, baseball, football, and more.

Electronics - Icon

Games, Electronics & Technology

Aravenda e-commerce inventory management software is the resale industry’s most robust offering that understands the complexity of reselling varying types of electronics, video games, and technology.

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Charity & Thrift

We serve single and multi-location organizations whose sales benefit a charity or other organization raising money. These businesses rely on us heavily to train volunteers and ensure their website and Shopify POS is always operational.

Musical Instruments - Icon

Musical Instruments

Our data entry system allows consistent posting of all items no matter who enters them. You decide what pictures you want, in what order, what measurements you want to capture, and other key selling details so your employees can enter items efficiently.

Equestrian - Icon

Saddlery & Equestrian

Aravenda understands the complexity of selling varying types of saddles, tack equipment, stable supplies, and equestrian riding apparel. A one-stop shop for all your business needs. We understand your passion, as it is our passion too.

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Whether you’re starting a local, regional, or national children’s swap event or a high-end children’s clothing and furniture resale company we have the e-commerce expertise and technology to help you get there. Reach a global customer base today.

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