We're Proud To Be A Shopify, Clover & Lightspeed Partner

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Shopify POS system
Our in-house team members are experts at building your Shopify store.

Ensuring the links between your inventory system and the collection filters are correct, connecting any sorting filters, setting up your tax, shipping and all aspects of your website checkout and order fulfillment including receipts and reporting.


Clover* a flexible, scalable, and ready for anything POS system.

Whether for appointment scheduling, client payments or product sales, Clover’s POS system for service businesses gives personal service merchants like you a convenient, powerful and flexible system to manage all aspects of your business.


*Coming soon


Lightspeed* POS System, powering local businesses with big ambitions.

Simplify complex operations
Streamline workflows and get more done in less time by leaving the busywork to us. Scale and grow your business
Ignite your potential by expanding to new channels, adding new locations and learning from your data.


*Coming soon

Aravenda’s only goal is for you to make more money.  Let us help you get there.
We can help you turn your consignment goals into a reality.

Shopify is the leading provider of Point of Sale items necessary to run a brick and mortar store as well as selling online in one seamless integration.

Aravenda is the premier Shopify Partner in the consignment resale industry.

Many consignment shop owners turn to Shopify to beautify their websites, but manually manage their inventory and consignor payouts.


Automate your inventory and consignor management with our “easy add” Shopify inventory management tool. Using nearly foolproof AI to prompt your employees for the pictures and measurements needed assures seamless data entry resulting in faster, more profitable website and social media selling. Data conversion assistance available.

Aravenda powers your inventory and consignor management leveraging Shopify’s platform so you can compete in a global online e-commerce market. It might sound confusing at first, but our in-house team will set up your integration for FREE or create your entire website up for you at a nominal design fee.  

Either way, we will get your inventory into your new system and be by your side every step of the way as you learn to market and adapt to the technology. Our item entry is clean, intuitive and ensures a perfect posting every time – there is no need to look at a confusing screen and wonder what boxes you really need to fill in or not. Your boutique will have the newest technology at checkout too. You decide how you want to set it up, and our Tech Team will help make sure its all working and is always available to assist you with any unexpected troubles you might encounter. Aravenda item entry works best on a tablet with a rear camera where you can take the photos as you enter your items. A Microsoft Surface, iPad or an iPhone work great. You will need wireless Wi-Fi capability and a wireless printer, a tag printer and tags. Again, these are choices you will make in your set up with the help of your Aravenda Tech Team Member. There is no need for a desktop computer anymore and no downloading or hard drives to worry about.

Shopify Retail Bundle

Authenticator Pro Partner

How many times a week does your customer ask or think,
“Is this real?”
The problem is other sellers drag good sellers down with them. When the customer has a bad experience with a bad seller, they assume all sellers are the same. Which affects your bottom line.
We have a solution – Solving your counterfeit merchandise problem!
As an approved Authenticate Pro member (Not all stores will be approved), you will receive these benefits.





  • Your customers have 7 days to authenticate items at no cost to them, and no additional cost to the store. This will give peace of mind to your customers.
  • On-demand authentication discount: Up to 50% off each authentication
  • Discounted zip tie cost: $0.25 (Non-members $5.00)
  • 100 complementary Zip ties to start ($500 value)
  • Take the oath to sell and buy 100% authentic items.
  • You will receive a digital and physical seal to display for your approved store.

Aravenda is proud to be a VIPC and Techstars partner.  These affiliations allow us to continue to innovate and lead the resale industry in both small and enterprise resale inventory solutions.  

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Loyal Shops Partner

Aravenda integrates seamlessly with Loyal Shops through our Shopify integration enabling live selling your full inventory on Facebook Live with no invoicing required. Loyalty options available as well.

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