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Partner with the leading consignment software and resale inventory management for commercial enterprise customers with our White Label Products and Services. Save time and money while reducing your carbon footprint and eliminating waste in complex purchasing organizations.

Take a major step forward towards your carbon neutrality goals with one simple values-based decision that all employees can rally around– “We reuse before we buy new.”

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Our easy-to-use system is setup with your branding, with the categories of items you want to reallocate or resell, creating a shoppable website where internal customers can transfer items across department budgets or external customers can purchase items you no longer want or need.
Asset Reallocation Software
Our globally accessible SaaS platform quickly turns unused assets and excess supplies into online resale inventory for internal reallocation or for sale outside your organization.  Make a major leap forward towards your carbon nuetrality goals with one easy decision.
Multi-Echelon Vendor Supply Management
Use Aravenda to reduce your inventory holding costs by setting up a vendor-managed supply portal to ease your on-demand purchases. Link with your PO approval system and even pay vendors as you go if you like.
Multi-Location Sales Aggregator
Aravenda’s white label enterprise product creates an “Amazon™-like” inventory management or shopping experience for your customers whether they are internal or external.
Reduce CO2

College & University Sustainability

Reach your carbon neutrality goals faster than you ever imagined.  For every 25,000 pounds of materials you reallocate, realign or resell monthly, you reduce your carbon emissions by over 1,000,000 pounds a year.

Most educational institutions have a manual spreadsheet process in place for reusing items like furniture and equipment, but its not easy to use and the impact is harder to measure.

Let Aravenda help you exceed your goals by automating your existing asset inventory in an ecommerce style website that allows transparency across departments & budgets.

Reduce CO2
Lab Equipment

Asset Reallocation Software

Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and businesses of all sizes from mid-sized to large Fortune 500 companies make a major impact by using software to reallocate assets across complex organizations, reusing or reselling what they don’t need rather than just disposing of them in landfills.

Research shows that almost 80% of consumers, employees and customers are more inclined to engage with companies whose transparent ESG goals are being set and met.  Make your company an employer and vendor of choice with an easy to implement asset reallocation system.


Multiple Variants

Franchise & Thrift Resale Solutions

Aravenda’s white label sales aggregator takes your multi- location franchise or charity global with solutions that fit every location and combine the inventory into one user friendly ecommerce website that fulfills orders from multiple locations, allocating tax and shipping appropriately.

Combine like items into one listing with multiple variants, rather than showing one picture for every item from each location.  Make shopping easier for your customer and watch your revenue soar.


Multiple Variants
Aravenda Software

Multi-Echelon Vendor Management

Move away from complex spreadsheets with Aravenda’s custom portal where your vendors can enter and manage their inventory levels themselves.  Increase visibility and collaboration across your business units, vendors and end users.

Reduce inventory carrying costs with just-in time ordering from vendors who maintain min and max levels that meet your global supply-chain needs.


Aravenda Software

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