Multi-Location Sales Aggregator

Aravenda’s white label enterprise product creates an “Amazon™-like” inventory management or shopping experience for your customers whether they are internal or external.

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Multiple Variants

Allow your customers to buy faster

Aravenda combines multiple products under one photo with variant options like different colors, sizes, prices, and conditions (new, used, NWT), from any of your locations – all in one convenient drop-down or button by item.

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Upload items into Aravenda and they automatically sync with your Shopify site.

Clover and Lightspeed coming soon.

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Shoppers can easily find all products from multiple locations, all into one website.

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Create collaboration among various locations to meet your buyers’ needs.

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Perform better, without the heavy  lifting

Create custom e-commerce solutions to meet your customer and employees’ needs.  Our franchise and multi-locations solutions allow individual stores to offer local pickup and national customers to shop from all your locations in one place.

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Fast & Easy Sales

Close the sale every time with integrated POS and merchant ID. Make your e-commerce website the best-converting checkout on the Internet.

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Customized consignor portal

A lot less work for you, and easy uploads for them! Aravenda makes it easy for your consignors to upload their own items through the consignor portal.

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Create Results

Attract shoppers looking for products like yours with data-targeted audiences across popular social marketplaces like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

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