Linking Resale Inventory Management with Shopify Consignment POS Software

Running a consignment store is all about handling transactions. As a thrift shop business owner, you’re focused on streamlining your sales process in order to make transactions more transparent, easier to organize, and faster to convert. Setting your store up with a resale inventory management tool that integrates with your consignment POS is not only an investment in your business but also a benefit to sellers and customers.  

With Aravenda’s customizable consignment software that integrates with Shopify POS software, businesses are able to tailor the program functionality to best fit their unique needs and daily operations. Through advanced online inventory management, consignment stores are able to embrace digital transformation and capitalize on features that enable better ways of buying and selling, shipping and tracking, paying consignors, and more. 

Before consignment POS software and inventory management tools, many stores ran into roadblocks and headaches with crashing, sync errors, and confusing interfaces. Now items like payment processing, inventory pricing, and productivity reporting are simpler saving businesses time and money. 

Key Software Features 

When weighing the options of which consignment POS software or resale management tool to implement, it is important to consider the range of features that would best fit your business model and day-to-day needs. 

Aravenda’s comprehensive software has simplified and streamlined the process for you. With Shopify POS software integrated with the resale inventory management tools, any store regardless of size has the ability to compete in an expanding eCommerce marketplace. Every business receives a personalized experience that deepens their ability to manage nearly every aspect of their operations. Whether you’re the owner, a consignor, or sales employee, the benefits of a fully integrated consignment inventory software and Shopify POS can be felt from day one. 

Features from Aravenda’s consignment software include: 

  • Single entry cross-posting to multiple sales channels 
  • List individual items or full-size runs with variants 
  • Automated inbound shipping options 
  • Integrated pricing assistance 
  • Data conversion and integration with third-party platforms 
  • Automated consignor payouts 
  • And more! 

A New Era of Consignment Software

Businesses like yourself are looking for ways to be more efficient, more tech-forward, and ultimately boost the bottom line. Embracing a fully integrated consignment software with the industry’s leading POS, Aravenda offers the best answer to many of the aggravations and speed bumps that consignment merchants are facing today. 

Businesses need flexibility and bespoke solutions for their individual needs. Aravenda’s software provides a robust and customizable platform that can be supported from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, no app required. So no matter where you find your business handling a transaction, pricing inventory, or any other task, you can depend on Aravenda’s consignment software with Shopify POS to make the job easy. 

A better way of running your shop has arrived, and it starts with onboarding a consignment-specific management inventory system. Start a free trial today, and begin a new era of reselling.