About Aravenda - A Better Way to Resell

We Understand Every Resale Business Is Unique

We’ve been in the consignment business for years now —half of our Board of Directors and investors own and operate consignment or resale shops. We exhausted ourselves working with pieced together consignment software offerings that had system latency, redundancies in processes and inefficient downtime, and knew we could develop a better solution.

In order to be able to thrive in an increasingly competitive eCommerce and social media market we created an easy to use cloud based solution that leverages Shopify. Aravenda allows you and your team to efficiently enter and track your consignor inventory, directly set consignor payouts and take your local business global with just a few clicks.

We train your existing staff in just a few hours to post your entire inventory online so you can be open 24/7 no matter what your regular store hours are. You won’t lose any of your regulars, but you’ll gain thousands of other customers you would never reach as a single brick and mortar retailer with no online presence.


Aravenda Integrates with Loyal Shops

Aravenda integrates seamlessly with Loyal Shops ReplySOLD through our Shopify integration enabling live selling your full inventory on Facebook Live with no invoicing required. Loyalty options available as well.

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Cross Post Your Shopify Inventory to Your Poshmark Closet and Tradesy Accounts

September 1, 2021 – Aravenda’s exclusive partnership with JoltPost.com allows Aravenda subscribers to push inventory directly to their Poshmark Closets and Tradesy accounts as part of their Aravenda subscription.  



Ease of item entry, on-boarding your store, training your employees and overall use of our platform.


We are here to help you make money and grow your business.



Our ease of customization allows us to create a platform that works for you and your business needs.


We appreciate your partnership with us and treat you and your employees respectfully.


One stop for all your consignment store inventory software needs – no need to hire any outside developers or tech people to complete your set up/ data conversion.

Aravenda is a US based Woman Owned Company and an Affiliate member of the National Association of Resale Professionals.

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