In the sneaker resale world, the start of every year is almost always a banger, as that is when manufacturers decide to create a strong and lasting image to start off the new year.

Whether limited-edition sneakers catch your eye for their style or potential market value, these are three models worth checking out this year.

Air Jordan 1 High University Blue (2023)

  • Retail Price: $180
  • Estimated Resell: $400

Air-Jordan-1-High-University blue


Air Jordan 3 White Cement Reimagined

  • Retail Price: $210
  • Estimated Resell: $300+


Air Jordan 4 Retro Thunder (2023)

  • Retail Price: $210
  • Estimated Resell: $350

air-jordan-4 retro-thunder






The right software for your streetwear resale

Most sneaker consignment store owners use software to help them manage their inventory and shipping.

Aravenda offers leading consignment software designed to help sellers and resellers manage their inventory and track their sales. Our software assists you in managing the inventory life cycle with accurate reporting on inventory, sales, and trends, helping you make better decisions on purchasing ‘new’ items and shelving less popular pieces. This platform integrates directly with Shopify for added convenience when connecting workflows.


Custom Software Solutions Built Exclusively for Sneaker & Streetwear Resellers

Aravenda Software has exclusive features for sneaker resellers:

  • Product catalogs where you can autoload product details from custom and direct online catalog links
  • Showing all consignors’ items under one shoe listing, with different colors, conditions, sizes, and prices on your website
  • Seamless inbound shipping options
  • Remote item entry and pre-approval processes
  • Fully integrated options for Shopify payments for brick-and-mortar and online sellers
  • Location fields used for warehousing, multi-state and multi-country shippers


As the sneaker resale market projects to grow over the next several years, consignment shops must invest in the right tools to optimize their resale results.

Check out our quick start guide to learn more about Aravenda’s unique features, or start your free trial today.