Rolex is going to enter the second-hand watch market allowing customers to buy watches that have been checked for their working condition, certified as authentic by the brand (or qualified authorized dealers), and sold with a Rolex two-year international guarantee.

Since the pandemic, Rolex have a major problem with the manufacturing supply of their watches to authorized dealers, therefore they need to alleviate the demand.

“Because they are built to last, Rolex watches often live several lives. And because they may be worn on new wrists, the Rolex certified pre-owned programme now enables retailers in the brand’s official distribution network to sell second-hand models that are certified as authentic and which come with a new two-year international guarantee,” Rolex confirms.

Pre-Owned Rolex

Rolex has not confirmed all details of the programme, but customers can expect to see pre-owned watches displayed as elegantly as new watches in windows and display cases.

Only months ago, Rolex watches were in short supply. Prices had surged through the roof. Rolex watches do hold their value better than many other brands of luxury watches.

Eventually, shopping for Rolex watches will be like buying a car. Like visiting a Porsche or Jaguar showroom, customers will have the choice between a brand or second-hand, but the used cars will have been fully checked and serviced.

Steps to Sell a Rolex

  1. Find the reference number of your Rolex
  2. Find your Rolex’s serial number
  3. Find the original box and papers
  4. Do your research to understand why secondhand values are not the same as retail
  5. Take quality pictures

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