It is estimated that 1.8 billion customers shop online annually and spend on average 40-50 minutes daily online. Posting inventory online is a great way to expand your customer base. Many resellers who “go online” see their revenue double within just a few months. So how can you grab a piece of online market share if you’re not already?

  1. Cross Promote on Several Sites. Customers Have Site Preferences. Whether it is Poshmark, Google Shopping, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or something else, customers become loyal to particular sites for varying reasons. When you cross-promote across multiple platforms, not only you are accessing more customers, but you are published under another site the customer already trusts.
  2. Enter Product Information ONCE. It is daunting thinking about the time and energy you’ll waste posting a product on multiple platforms, so don’t! Utilize software that can ‘speak’ across various platforms and sites. You enter the product information and photos once, and then let the software deploy it across the platforms.
  3. Do it Right the First Time. In other words, “measure twice, cut once.” Pay attention to the details. Include sizing, colors, fit, brand name, fabric blend, etc. in your description before cross-promoting. This minimizes customer questions and decreases the likelihood of losing a sale. Having software that understands and aligns with your business can ask you these questions when uploading inventory so you don’t have to remember every little detail! Be critical about what your software can and cannot do for you before committing.

Have Real-Time Automation. If the same item is being looked at in person and online, make sure your software will instantaneously track these purchases and update online & in-store records. A best practice is always to sell to an in-person customer first if an online customer is still browsing.

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