Whether you are selling on Amazon or not, you need to prepare your business for Prime Days. Below are some recommendations that every business should do in advance to maximize this selling opportunity.

The first step if you are selling on Amazon, make sure your product page content is set to maximize your appearance in searches:

  • Use clear, high-quality images that show the item(s) from all sides,
  • Your details should always include measurements,
  • Use unique descriptions to capture buyer interest – good content can increase sales by 10%+
  • Ensure your account details and shipping options are set correctly,
  • Curate your brand experience – suggestive items should be linked, and your store should have plenty to shop from.  The more you list, the more you will sell.

All of the above applies to your website, too, even if you’re not selling on Amazon.  You want to ensure Google is able to pick up your listings for interested buyers to quickly check out on your own website.  People shop on emotion and buy on value.  Using an integrated pricing assistant tool and showing items that are marked down will draw people to your website where you can create engagement opportunities for them with discounts, etc.

Secondarily if you are a small business, and not online, how will you prepare to attract people away from their phones and keyboards during Amazon Prime Days?  Here’s a few ideas that others have used:

  • Sidewalk sales – Sidewalk VIP allowing people to come in an hour before the store opens creates buzz for those who want the best items at a bargain.  Stay late and offer happy hour discounts or twilight shopping for additional savings.
  • Bag Sales – provide reusable branded grocery bags that people will hang onto for a minimal add on price to the price you charge for them to fill the bag.  Capture that longer-term branding opportunity.
  • Buy one get one half off or free – especially for items that are seasonal or leftover from last year.
  • Use Postcards – put a coupon postcard in every bag and collaborate with other local businesses for discount opportunities.  Help drive business to each other for “private discounts” that are only available to insiders.  FOMO is real and people will show up if they think they are being left out or missing out on something.
  • Have a PRIME TIME LIVE Event yourself – you can easily capture those shoppers who are online through your social media channels and use two phones at once to sell on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.  Promote it well in advance and have free giveaways for certain items.

Should you want help automating your processes or taking your store online, the Aravenda team is here to help you.  There’s no installs or downloads and our in-house team will set up your website, help you automate LIVE sales and make sure you are selling on Google and Amazon if you like as well as eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other selling channels.

We would love to chat with you about taking your resale business to the next level.

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