Reselling apps like The RealReal have made it very easy for resellers to start a business with very little overhead. Once they have an established following, many have gone on to have their own websites and then brick-and-mortar stores.

If you, a resale business owner have the dream of being like The RealReal you are in the right place. Aravenda Consignment Software will put you closer and closer to your dream.

The Aravenda enterprise POS software is designed to help you run your shop or shops more easily. It contains specialized services that meet the unique needs of your industry, whether you work in:

Some of Aravenda’s main features

  • Automated inbound shipping options: Aravenda is the only consignment resale software with this feature – Allowing consignors to send in their items with inbound shipping options.
  • Automated consignor payouts: pay your consignors electronically eliminating the need for checks.
  • Consignor login portal: you determine what level of access you want consignors to have – basic, full transparency, ability to enter items remotely.
  • Remote item entry: swap meets, flea markets, estate sales, and more can have thousands of entries made by clients.
  • Data conversion from other systems: load your current inventory quickly with professional data conversion assistance.
  • Integrated pricing assistance: stop researching prices and allow our pricing assistant to do the heavy lifting in seconds.

In addition, our consignment software allows teams to manage their inventory so that multiple location warehouses or shops are able to communicate with each other, providing increased transparency. By doing this, businesses can fulfill orders at a faster rate and in a more cost-saving manner by having orders ship from multiple locations at the same time.

Aravenda automatically calculates payouts and can be integrated with Shopify POS in just minutes. We can help you convert your existing store into a POS consignment inventory system, allowing you to sell online at any time.

Our software can also be used to cross post items to major shopping sites, so you’re not restricted to only using your Shopify store.

Best of all, you can track your KPIs and metrics, so you can see your sale cycles and make data-driven decisions for less than $10 a day using Aravenda.

No matter where you sell or are headquartered, Aravenda’s multistore consignment software will work to improve your sales and data-tracking capabilities.

We would love to chat with you about taking your resale business to the next level.

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