Running multiple consignment stores isn’t a simple job for anyone, but it can be easier with the right technological support. With so many moving parts and work to juggle, a holistic view of your store with the option of a micro view into your individual shops is essential.

Right now, you may be working out of Microsoft Excel or be familiar with Google Sheets, but these tools can be confusing and less efficient once you start collecting a large amount of data and inventory.

The good news is that the retail industry’s digital transformation has made it possible for consignment shops to keep up with customer trends and expectations by streamlining the reseller process. Managing, advertising, and selling in today’s competitive market calls for the aid of digital tools.

While hard work and “man-hours” can accomplish much toward your business goals, it is unrealistic to see continued, sustainable growth without the use of a dedicated enterprise POS software. 

Common Enterprise Resale Issues

Consignment shops have several common issues, especially as they grow. Here are five of the most common problems that could be addressed with consignment software:

1. Not allowing online shopping

One of the first issues that consignment shops run into is limiting themselves to in-person shopping. With the right enterprise software, you can take your shop online, allowing customers to shop your inventory even when you’ve already closed your physical store for the day.

With Aravenda, you can accept:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • All major credit cards

Allowing instant access to your online inventory and overnight sales can help boost your revenue.

2. Not accepting credit cards

Smaller consignment shops may opt not to because of the fees associated with accepting credit or using larger point of sale (POS) systems. 

Since enterprise software is enabled for mobile devices, you can take credit cards in person and online, making sales easier.

3. Measurement or photo errors

As your company grows, photo errors and measurement typos may become more common. Handling such a large workload can lead to less-than-accurate results. Fortunately, enterprise software helps maintain 100% accuracy by allowing you to set default sizes, categories, and more.

4. Shipping cost mistakes

Shipping can eat away at your profits, but enterprise software makes it simpler to calculate shipping prices and eliminate costly errors. You won’t have to spend time calculating shipping because the system does it for you.

5. Time-intensive uploads

When your consignment store grows, so does the time you spend taking inventory, new photos, uploading items to your shop online, and other tasks. Enterprise software makes things easier by allowing bulk listing, preset categories, and other helpful tools. If you have more than one store, multistore consignment software enables you to crosspost to each.

For example, if you are in the resell business of sneakers and streetwear, this is a critical function as many of these items are highly valued and “hot” during specific time windows, so being up-to-date with posting is essential to being able to move inventory. 

How Consignment Software Overcomes Obstacles

Consignment software helps you overcome these obstacles by:

  • Improving transparency
  • Making it easier to stay organized
  • Making it simpler to collect data 
  • Enabling team members to accomplish tasks remotely, from any physical location
  • Allowing you to build customized workflows and integrations
  • Automating common functions
  • Providing holistic reporting methods

The Aravenda enterprise POS software is designed to help you run your shop or shops more easily. It contains specialized services that meet the unique needs of your industry, whether you work in:

No matter where you sell or are headquartered, Aravenda’s multistore consignment software will work to improve your sales and data tracking capabilities. 

Why Work With Aravenda?

Our company is a Shopify partner trusted to work with consignment shops of all sizes. Aravenda is the leading consignment business software and resale inventory management tool compatible with the Shopify point-of-sale platform. With our software, your inventory can easily be placed online for sale, so you can make sales more quickly and easily. 

A major advantage to our enterprise POS consignment software is the flexibility and immediate updates it allows users to make. When managing resell inventory, and in large quantities, it is critical to be able to quickly enter items remotely and on-the-fly. In this line of business, waiting to do work only inside the office is unrealistic, and limits growth trajectory. With our platform, team members can add, subtract, and edit their inventory or address other pressing tasks from anywhere they find themselves — and at any time. 

In addition, our consignment software allows teams to manage their inventory so that multiple location warehouses or shops are able to communicate with each other, providing increased transparency. By doing this, businesses can fulfill orders at a faster rate and in a more cost-saving manner by having orders ship from multiple locations at the same time.

Aravenda automatically calculates payouts and can be integrated with Shopify POS in just minutes. We can help you convert your existing store into a POS consignment inventory system, allowing you to sell online at any time. 

Our software can also be used to crosspost items to major shopping sites, so you’re not restricted to only using your Shopify store. 

With Aravenda, you can:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Expand your reach
  • Streamline productivity
  • Go from local to global in just one day

Best of all, you can track your KPIs and metrics, so you can see your sale cycles and make data-driven decisions for less than $10 a day using Aravenda.

To learn more about Aravenda, contact our sales team today online or call 1 (800) 336-7675. We look forward to partnering with you and your enterprise consignment operation!