After you’ve made the decision to take your thrifting hobby into a real resale business, eBay might have been the first place you got your feet wet. The online customer base, built-in platform infrastructure, and established payment processing made it an easy way to get your consignment business off the ground. But as your company has grown in scale, you’ve probably created your own consignment store website to house your expanding inventory and deploy custom workflows that fit your business model. 


This organizational change doesn’t mean that your business needs to drop eBay and the existing customers that shop through this third-party platform. Instead, shops and resellers, like yourself can cross-post to eBay from your own website — and bypass the charged seller fees. 

Achieving this is done through the adoption and implementation of eBay consignment software, designed specifically for resellers and consignment shops looking to leverage the eBay marketplace as a continued revenue source. 

How to Benefit From eBay Consignment Software 

Intertwining your consignment shop with eBay customers and building traction towards customer loyalty takes time — and effort. eBay consignment software makes this process easier, as it helps businesses optimize their customer targeting and service in order to deliver an experience that is holistic and enjoyable. In return, buyers are more likely to return to your consignment website over eBay. 


With Aravenda’s eBay consignment software, businesses can improve their operational models in several key facets, such as: 

  • Inventory management & listing 
  • Order management 
  • Promotions management 
  • Labels & packing 
  • Reporting 


In conjunction with these functionality optimizations, other customer journey elements that you may consider include: 

  • Creating & using branded shipping materials 
  • Including promotion items, discounts, and offers 
  • Running search engine ads 

Branded Shipping Materials 

Personalized shipping materials create a customer experience that is more engaging and gains more respect from customers as it delivers a more professional look. Using standard USPS packaging is bland and downgrades the overall branding your company is seeking to establish. Additionally, USPS materials often carry a higher postage rate — therefore making custom shipping materials an investment that holds a positive ROI. 

Promotional Items & Incentives 

Sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest difference. While eBay consignment software can help you get eyes on your inventory, it doesn’t get your products sold. Consider how you can provide value to your customers and present a reason for them to choose you over another vendor. What promotional add-ons, discounts, or other marketing plus-ones can help put you over the top. 

Run Supplemental Google Ads 

It takes multiple touchpoints with a customer before they remember your brand, let alone before they buy from you. Running Google ads or other paid advertising opportunities on different search engine platforms gives you the opportunity to get more facetime with your target audience. Ads spaces on eBay are possible to use for retargeting to help point customers back toward your website and inventory. 

eBay Consignment Software 

Aravenda offers comprehensive consignment software to help shops and resellers of all sizes navigate the evolving marketplace, and seamlessly infuse digital technology into business models. Start a free trial today, and see how Aravenda can reinvent your eBay consignment strategy.