Sometimes, the best definitions are the light-hearted ones regarding recessions. “If your neighbor gets laid off, it’s a recession. If you get laid off, it’s a depression,” as former President Harry S. Truman put it. However, a more technical definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative growth in the gross domestic product (GDP).

Financial experts see signs that a major recession could be on the way. As a goal-driven business, you are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency, streamline productivity, and expand your reach. Implementing industry-leading consignment software opens new possibilities for your business’s everyday operations.

Aravenda is here for your resale store, and we will help you to take steps to recession-proof your business:


  1. Build Multiple Revenue Streams

Resale businesses that sell physical products should also build an online store. Having items for sale on your website can create new revenue and reach new customers. Remember, you do not need to sell the same items in person as you do in your online store. The goal of the online store is to reach new customers outside of your local area.

Aravenda provides you with every single item you need to launch – Consignor agreements, markdown frequencies & percentages, privacy policies, consignor payout percentages, cadence, logos, colors, etc. Everything you need to get started.

Using our Aravenda Quick Start Kit will help you identify the particulars you need to have ready for a seamless launch.

Our unique corporate partnerships also enable single entry cross-posting your items to multiple sales channels including eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tradesy, Poshmark, and more.

Aravenda’s customizable consignment software integrates with Shopify POS and Clover POS. Businesses can tailor the program functionality to best fit their unique needs and daily operations. Through advanced online inventory management, consignment stores are able to embrace digital transformation and capitalize on features that enable better ways of buying & selling, shipping & tracking, and paying consignors.

Features like item entry, inventory pricing, and productivity reporting are simpler, saving businesses time and money.


  1. Manage Your Inventory

Any mismanagement of your incoming inventory will directly impact your business. Your business’s lifeblood is the profit you expect to make from doing business with your clients.

Managing your incoming inventory is a time-intensive function for an excellent reason. No company can afford to take its hands off it and expect its business to grow.

Partnering with Aravenda Consignment Software is an excellent way to enable your business to scale efficiently to handle the needs of your business & customer base. Our inventory management system can give you a competitive advantage to:

  • Operate efficiently
  • Custom Website Creation
  • Reduce costly overhead
  • Reduce paper-based processes and paper waste
  • Streamline processes
  • Aravenda Software is all browser-based. You can log in from anywhere and see all the functionality.


  1. Optimize Your Workforce

The best way to prevent a recession from affecting your business, or continue to be successful during a recession, is to have the right-sized workforce. A peak-performing organization has the right people in the correct positions at the right time to complete what needs to get done.

Our team at Aravenda can take that load off your back. We offer to give new business owners a one-stop shop, making your business launch much more manageable.

Features from Aravenda Consignment Software include:

  • Single entry cross-posting to multiple sales channels
  • List individual items or full-size runs with variants
  • Automated inbound shipping options
  • Integrated pricing assistance
  • Data conversion and integration with third-party platforms
  • Automated consignor payouts

The best part about having a resale company is the money you can make from it and the lifestyle it affords for you.  As the business owner, you have to wear many hats everyday.  As long as you keep your eye on what your customers are buying, and your clients are selling, and make it easy for them to transact business, you will do really well.  Resale is a recession proof business and new stores are opening every week with Aravenda – many of them have online sales in the first day or two.  Join us, or let us help you upgrade your current processes to better take advantage of online sales.