=With customers finally being able to become mobile post-pandemic, many trends are emerging in the collectible industry.  Whether it’s redecorating, spending time in the garden or increasing nostalgia, millennial customers will take their purchasing power to collectibles market.

In 2021, millennial’s are trending as the largest consumers. As the millennial purchasing power continues, you can expect the following trends to continue into the marketplace.


1. Nostalgia for the 80’s & 90’s Are Back!  Many millennials are longing to grab collectibles & memorabilia from their childhood — think late 80’s, 90’s & early 2000’s. In an effort to gather attention to your total inventory, highlight these ‘hotter trend’ pieces in your promotions. Once there, they can review your larger collection.

2. Think about Small & Functional.  Millennials are re-defining “the American dream,” with mobile, transient lives. Rather than buying houses, they’re living in smaller rented spaces. Consider the size and function of furniture and home décor in your promotions. Show how your product or piece can be used or displayed to help the potential buyer envision the item in their home clearer.

3. Promote Sustainability.  Millennials find value in “shopping sustainably,” limiting waste, reusing materials, and being cost-conscious are important to many of these consumers. When promoting, use environmental terms like “re-used,” “recycled,” “upcycled,” and “sustainable” to reach new customers.

4. Celebratory Decorating. As the stress of the Pandemic subsides, many customers will want to refresh and celebrate this ‘new era.’ Be aware of trending hashtags to increase awareness to your site along with relevant news. Refreshing can be anything from outdoor living spaces to fashion to travel.


With these trends and more to come over the next few months, we at Aravenda are here to help navigate you on taking your business online to increase your customers and revenue.  Please reach out to me directly to discuss any questions or thoughts that you have.


Nataley Shea
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