With retailers like Lululemon, Nordstrom and Saks Off 5th adding resale to their business, it’s no surprise that resale is the fastest growing part of retail with a projected growth to $64 billion by 2024.


As you look to go or expand online, consider the following to help grow your business:

1. Cross-Promote Across Channels. To reach more and different customers you need to cross-promote, and you want a service that makes cross-promoting your inventory simple. To be efficient, choose a platform that promotes your business online and can list your inventory across multiple platforms. For instance, Shopify can promote your business and cross post to eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, etc. with a single entry. Ask your potential provider if they have single entry cross-posting as it is the simplest and quickest way to start selling online.

2. Find a Software that Understands You. Your business is unique. Whether it’s brick and mortar, just online, swap events, or a combination thereof, make sure that the software understands your needs. Ask yourself, does this software have features that simplify my business?

      • Consignor Knowledge – Consignor Agreements & Relations
      • Business Counsel – Pricing Assistance
      • Legal Support – Privacy Policies & Procedures
      • Creative Selling Options – Automated Facebook Lives
      • Marketing & Selling Support – Full Website Creation & Integration

3. Is Your Software Worthy of a Long-Term Relationship? Before finalizing your decision, gain some insight into what support the software provider has for you and your business. Are they available around the clock? Do they have an in-house team or is it outsourced? Can they support you with marketing and technical support as your business grows? Can they support your inventory demands? Make sure to ask your software provider these questions before entering a long-term relationship. Your software provider needs to tie their success with your success.

    Whether you are thinking about Aravenda Consignment Software as your partner in expanding your business online or another provider, always look to find solutions that help you reach more customers and expand your revenue without added unneeded complexity to your business.