As CEO of the most innovative consignment software globally, I love jumping on client demo and intro calls to learn about people’s businesses and what people are asking for.  Every week we get a new question or two that someone else has not asked and Bitcoin seems to be a hot topic lately.

We take our inquiries and users’ ideas very seriously here as a Shopify Partner so here is the full information on cryptocurrency from the Shopify source – the bottom line is you CAN accept crypto payments through Shopify.  It is not yet set up to payout others in cryptocurrency however.

Aravenda helps all types of resellers, online only, brick and mortar only, or those that have both sales channels enabled. One of the reasons we partner with Shopify is that store owners who have brick and mortar stores that also sell online can have their POS system fully integrated with their online sales tracking. With easy consignor payout calculations you have more control than ever before over your business from wherever you are.  For more information or to set a demo please contact Nataley Shea, our enthusiastic Sales Manager.


Carolyn Thompson

President and CEO