The sports trading card boom: Baseball cards selling for millions

The recent surge in sports trading card sales has been inspired by fans looking for new ways to engage with sports during the pandemic, as well as nostalgia among older millennials who collected cards as children and now have enough money to invest in their hobby. And with billions being spent online each year and cards setting records, the trading card boom has inspired more investors and entrepreneurs to enter the market.

The majority of the approximately $5 billion sports card trading market has been cards sold in eBay auctions. But now, a new wave of online start-ups could change the way enthusiasts and investors collect and sell sports trading cards forever.

If you have sports cards tucked away in a box or binder somewhere collecting dust, you are in a prime spot to join this booming industry!  If you’d like to see a free mock up of what your website might look like and discuss how the process works, schedule a time to learn more today

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