Every day we work with store owners around the world on their online presence and increasing sales.  High end luxury resale is hot, with brands like Louis Vuitton and Louboutin leading the charge.  Good news for fans of the red soled works of art, Louboutin has just teamed up with one of Itay’s most famous families and founders of Fiat, the Agnellis.

The Agnelli family’s investment company, Exor, has been diversifying its investments in recent years as the founders of Fiat Chrysler expand beyond the car industry. Exor holding company said Monday it’s acquiring a 24% stake and sees growth potential for the brand in China and in e-commerce. When working on expansions, choosing the right partner is important – consider your goals and what will help your business in both the short and long term.  If you’re not selling online yet, now is the time to get that sales channel off the ground and grow your brand for the future, too. Aravenda Consignment Software is the only woman owned software company in the resale software space, and the only one with a full in house tech team ready to assist you end to end from start to launch to increasing sales.  We don’t say start to finish because our support never ends – we are always here to help.  Reach out to us today to discuss your goals and see if Aravenda is the right partner for you. 

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