Working with resale shop owners internationally is a really rewarding role. Our favorite calls are those where the consignment or thrift store owner wants to brainstorm operational ideas to accommodate increased online sales process improvements.

Just this past week one shop owner told us her mail carrier told her she was selling too many items for him to pick up daily and she was going to have to start dropping them off herself. He is a walking mail carrier and her packages were filling up his bag every day so he couldn’t keep up with her volume. Great problem to have, right?

For our US Based customers, anything you can do to avoid using USPS “it fits it ships” materials will save you over 50% on your shipping costs. The fee you pay for those packages includes the price of the box or mailer. Getting your own custom poly mailers printed costs about .50 cents a bag and ensure your brand is getting carried through to your customers. Colleen at Custom Poly Mailers will be happy to give you a quote – 260-483-4008. Having a few new shipping boxes on hand if you sell home goods, hats or other items you need boxes for is a good rule of thumb as well. You can get printed boxes from almost any local printer as well.

Another shop owner a few weeks ago was challenged by an overwhelming number of online purchases that needed to be picked up in store as her new website started to really get traction from her customer base. We helped her develop an alphabetical bin plan that worked with her store layout as well as her daily selling processes so that when the customer came in and they had made more than one purchase they would be bundled together in a pick up area that was convenient for her staff to access.

Every box or mailer that goes out is a marketing opportunity. With just a little planning, color coordinated tissue and some pre-printed cards with special offers, you can curate repeat business that will build over time and help increase your overall profit.