A recent CNBC article showed most people spend nearly 2 hours a day online shopping.

When was the last time someone spent 2 hours in your shop?

Every day we speak with store owners in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe who want to expand their sales beyond their local geography, but many of them are reluctant to change anything about their current processes in order to get there.

If we told you that you could double, maybe even triple your business, would you change how you process items? Of course you would. You can’t expect a new outcome without a few changes.

Aravenda’s unique data entry process allows you to quickly input items with all the necessary information to be sold online easily and links with your in store POS as well. Every store has a custom set up process where the store owners decide how they want their processes to evolve with as minimal disruption to the current process as possible.

Consider this – you want to minimize questions you will receive from the thousands of people who are now shopping your items. One easy way to start is by including the size, brand and care label in your photos.

Additionally, you probably want to minimize your returns, including measurements so shoppers can shop with confidence is key here. It only take a minute to add this, and will result in fewer returns – and more happy customers- ultimately.

We would love to do a demo for you to show you how Aravenda solves all these challenges – and some you many not have even thought about, yet. Shoot us a chat note below or schedule a time to learn more today!