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Aravenda offers the ideal online consignment inventory management solution for your consignment shop, for both physical locations and online stores. Our comprehensive software streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and provides accurate inventory tracking across multiple channels, ensuring a well-organized consignment business.

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Aravenda is dedicated to providing specialized services that cater to the unique needs of your consignment shop. Our comprehensive solutions, empower consignment businesses with tools designed to effectively manage inventory, streamline operations, and enhance your online consignment store.


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From single-store owners to large enterprise users, Aravenda is the number one choice of consignors around the world. Aravenda’s specialized services are tailored to meet your company’s specific needs, giving you the edge to take your local consignment shop global for less than $10 a day.


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Aravenda Software


Best Consignment Software

Aravenda Software

As the leading consignment management software and consignment tracking software on the market, Aravenda stands above the rest as the solution for anyone consigning online or in person. With Aravenda’s seamless integration with Shopify (POS) Point of Sale software, Aravenda users efficiently manage the inventory and deliver accurate and secure payouts to their consignors.

The marriage between Aravenda’s web design services and unique software, and trusted Shopify partnership rapidly expands your consignment shop to a global scale increasing your customer base, generating revenue, and delivering tangible results.

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Streamline Your Business with Advanced Consignment Software Solutions

2 Aravenda Users on iPad

In the dynamic world of resale, making informed decisions and staying ahead is crucial for success. In order to scale your consignment shop, investing in the best consignment shop software and online consignment software is essential. Aravenda’s innovative solutions offer a comprehensive overhaul to the way consignment stores operate by providing a digital platform that enhances productivity and offers customizable features. With the power to transform day-to-day business operations, consignment software is revolutionizing how resellers thrive in this competitive market.

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The Impact of Aravenda Consignment Software

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Website Design & Branding

Start your consignment store today – the right way – with CUSTOM website design & setup
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Sell More, Sell Faster

Convert from your existing brick & mortar POS consignment inventory system so you can sell while you’re sleeping
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Consignment Payouts & Cross Post

Manage consignment payouts & cross post items quickly to major shopping sites

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Consignment Software Designed For You

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Access to our full-service & in-house design team

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One management system for your EComm Business and local POS system through premiere partners such as Shopify.

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Manage your business KPIs and inventory through Aravenda’s unique management platform that gives you the insights to scale your business.

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Unveiling the Reviews

Feedback on Aravenda Resale Software

“I woke up happy and hopeful about my business and that hasn’t happened in a few months. Thank you for sharing your business and knowledge with us last night. We appreciate your time, patience, and thorough demonstration. This a no-brainer!”

– Canada based reseller of high end fashion and furniture

“I love that we added the ‘make an offer’ feature to our website. Being able to capture customers that are browsing certain items is very valuable to me as a high volume luxury goods business. The fact that we got our brick and mortar and online store launched within a few days was crucial in our successful launch. I can’t thank you enough for your help and support.”

– Australian high end luxury brand reseller

"The customer service I have received has been stellar. Every time I’ve had a question it has been answered quickly and without judgment. They are great with video calls, phone calls, and emails. I have never felt rushed, and they always make sure you understand everything before they let you go. I definitely recommend Aravenda. If you’re still on the fence, ask them about their trial, you’ll be happy you did!

– Canada based reseller of baby clothing

“Thank you for actually making software that is relevant to our business. We love the pickup/drop off scheduling and the inbound shipping. It makes our lives and scheduling so much easier to be able to see how much inventory is coming in every week. We also appreciate that you allow us to tap into your expertise to customize our website further as our business demands.”

– UK based dress agency & online consignment business

“I don’t know what I would have done without the in-house tech and graphic team helping me. Carolyn is the most engaged CEO I have ever met and is a real inspiration for a woman business owner. She shares her expertise on all topics and is a great mentor. I love that she and the team are community driven and I have made some great friends with the other store owners I have met on the monthly learning labs. I love that we are all in it together to support each other to prosper. So glad I cancelled my other contract and went with Aravenda Consignment Software as a last-minute decision. It was mostly around price at the time, but it has delivered the value I need long term.”

– US based new store – online first then brick and mortar

The whole team has been absolutely incredible to deal with from day 1. You’ve provided 5 star service across the board and I can’t thank you enough for being instrumental in helping to get our business off the ground.

– Canada based reseller of vintage and independent designer clothing, accessories and housewares

Aravenda is a critical tool for getting our consignment program off the ground, and our shop in general. It made tracking payouts a breeze, and best of all the customer service was seriously unmatched compared to any other SaaS I've used before. The team always responded very quickly and was more than happy to take a call when needed. Even better, they took feature requests, updates, and fixes to heart and often had them in done right away. Nothing but the best to say about the team at Aravenda.

– Australia based sneaker reseller

This level of service and technical functionality, it's a steal for less than $10 dollars a day.

– US-based estate sales

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