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Where do I get my tags?


Barcode Warehouse

Aravenda demo videos


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Hardware Recommendations

iPad 9.7



iPad 10.2



iPad Stand 9.7



iPad Stand 10.2"/ iPad Air 10.5"


Start-up Bundle 9.7"

Start-up Bundle 10.2"/Air 10.5"

Shopify Retail Kit 9.7"

Shopify Retail Kit 10.2"/Air 10.5"

1D Barcode Scanner (accessory to Retail Kit)

Bluetooth Receipt Printer (accessory to Retail Kit)

Zebra Label Printer (Wireless) ZD420 (recommended for tag printing)

TAG - BCW Premium Direct 1.5625 X 2.375 - 1" Core

DYMO LabelWriter® 450 Label Printer (recommended for tag printing)

Dymo 30334 Labels - 2-1/4 x 1-1/4

Boxes & Shipping Supplies


Custom Bags "Green" Plastic Solutions