Consignment Store Halloween

$12.2 Billion: Projected overall Halloween spending in 2023. ; $4.1 Billion: Halloween costume spending in 2023.

These estimates put Halloween 2023 spending at a new multi billion dollar record where consignment stores play a key role.

Nearly 7 out of 10 Americans plan to take part in the festivities this October, putting Halloween participation rates on par with pre-pandemic levels. Not only do people intend to come out in droves, but they’re going all out by spending more on candy, costumes, decorations, and pumpkins than ever before.

Consignment and thrift stores are a logical shopping source for Halloween.  People are looking for items for costumes, decor and even gifts to take to Halloween parties.  Now’s the time to capitalize on this major spend with a few ideas for your shop or website:

  • Sponsor a Costume Swap – Make an event out of getting costumes in and trading them out for another one at a flat rate.  Organize them by childrens, adults or even pets so its easy to shop.  Ensure the quality of the costumes as you put them out on the rack.  Those who bring in costumes can also receive a gift card to spend during the subsequent holiday shopping season as well as make a commission on their items selling.
  • Add Greeting Cards to Your Checkout – Fancy Halloween greeting cards will add $5 or more to every sale.  Invest in a great box of cool ones and increase your average sale the week or two before Halloween.
  • Partner With a Local Bakery – In store events go smoother when you cross promote with another local business.  Bakeries and cafes are accustomed to preparing treats so don’t put all the pressure on yourself.  Invite them in to cross promote and maybe put a few decor items to sell in their location as well with your business cards attached.
  • Decorate Your Store and Sell That Decor – Holiday spending is discretionary so capitalize on the feelings of fun and nostalgia by hand picking some items from a local Assistance League or Goodwill Store that you can also resell at a profit.
  • Attach Discount Cards to Candy at Checkout – Send every person home with a $10 gift card they can use in store and online by printing them using business card sized printing options with a coupon code on the back to use for holiday shopping in November & December.
  • Day Of Makeup – Partner with a local salon and offer day of makeup services to draw people in for last minute buying.
  • Sponsor a Costume Contest on Your Block – Engage all the merchants in your block and incite some competition by sponsoring a Costume Contest that you can promote in their stores, too.
  • Pick up a few small pumpkins from a local farmstand and sell those at a markup, too!
  • Have some other great ideas to share? Please send us a note and we will add them and link your store’s website here as well!

Have a safe and profitable Halloween holiday from the entire team at Aravenda!