From time to time, most clothing items tend to fall out of demand. However, some vintage clothing items are always on the wanted list, so they never go out of style. Because these favorites are always on someone’s list, they tend to be higher than your average beloved items. The rarer the clothing, the higher the cost. Nonetheless, vintage clothing can be worn, re-worn sold, and resold over and over again. If you are wondering which clothing items are the most popular, here are the top five vintage clothing items.

  1. DenimwearDenimwear
  2. Hippy Chic
  3. 60s Dresses
  4. Silk Shawls
  5. Jazz Era Dresses

Dressing casually has never been easier when you can pair your new shirt or blouse with your vintage eighty’s jeans and a jacket. Not only can vintage wear help make the most of an outfit, but it can also make it fun.

No matter what style is currently trending, almost everything can be perked up with a vintage item. That dress you wore last week will look completely different with a vintage silk shawl draped around your shoulders.

The Best Online Vintage Clothing Stores

While there is no end to ‘vintage’ online stores, here are the best online vintage clothing:

Cut and Run Vintage

In the heart of Richmond, Virginia you’ll find Cut And Run Vintage: a place that celebrates all things nostalgia. The brothers Cody and Nick believe the ‘90s were the greatest time to be a kid and intend to keep that alive with their shop.
With 10 years of experience in retail, vintage, and online sale – Cut And Run is a one-stop shop for all your ‘70s to Y2K needs.

Beatnik Betty’s Resale Butik

Monica Austin opened Beatnik Betty’s in 2010, in the heart of Appleton’s historic downtown. Over the past 10 years, the shop has grown from a quirky, practically empty storefront to a destination spot for those with a true sense of style. Beatnik Betty’s is unique, with only quality pieces that are sure to enhance any wardrobe.

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