The sneakers & streetwear resale market is growing fast. It’s never been easier to buy on the resale market. The current landscape of the shoe resale industry isn’t just a spike in demand. Many items traditionally perform strongly in the “second-hand” market, including sneakers, luxury shoes, handbags, vintage cars, and more.

Many of the shoes, whether sneakers or luxury shoes are valued at high prices due to the limited production numbers that the designing company puts out. This leads to a limited quantity of shoes becoming social media stars and quickly gaining much fanfare — further driving the market price skyward.

Sneakers Consignment Store

Suppose you are looking to have a successful Sneakers and Streetwear Resale store making an excellent profit from it and not run into problems. When you need to do reports, manage your inventory, or track the profit and loss of your sneaker reselling. In that case, we have a solution: Aravenda Consignment Software.

Managing a wide variety of shoe products can become difficult when handling multiple sizes, colors, styles, and even consignors. To successfully resell sneakers, you must be organized with your inventory and have good software.

Aravenda knows how important technology is to your sneaker and streetwear business. Living in an era where data drives better decision-making, increases efficiency, and reduces costs, using the right software is critical to experience these rewards.


Custom Software Solutions Built Exclusively for Shoe Resellers

Aravenda Software has exclusive features for sneaker resellers like:

  • Product catalogs where you can autoload product details from custom and direct online catalog links
  • Showing all consignors’ items under one shoe listing, with different colors, conditions, sizes, and prices on your website
  • Seamless inbound shipping options
  • Remote item entry and pre-approval processes
  • Fully integrated options to Shopify payments for brick and mortar and online sellers
  • Location fields used for warehousing, multi-state and multi-country shippers


As the sneaker resale market projects to grow over the next several years, consignment shops must invest in the right tools to optimize their resale results.

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