Analysts believe these new retail channels will catapult the furniture resale industry to hit over $16.6 billion in sales by 2025.

The Three Top Reasons for the Growth in Furniture Resale: 

    1. Consumers are looking to make more sustainable purchases and furniture holds its value longer than the span of one owner’s enjoyment of an item.
    2. People have been spending more time at home since the start of the pandemic and want to upgrade their personal surroundings.
    3. Supply issues are creating delays for those buying new furniture. Delivery time for secondhand furniture can be much shorter than the delivery time for new branded furniture.

      Thinking of Starting a Home Furnishings Consignment Store?
      Launching a website like is not as daunting as you might think, and it’s a lucrative business that never goes out of style.
      First, you should select the right consignment software to manage your business.  Consider your needs to manage whose items are sold at what price and how much you are paying consignors out on their sales. Your consignors can upload photos of the items from home onto some software platforms.  They offer pricing assistance tools, and you can create shipping labels and consignor payouts right from the system.  Software with services to assist you in your startup, like Aravenda offers, give new business owners a one-stop-shop, making your business launch much easier. They do everything to create your Shopify website so you can start selling right away.
      Second, consider the space you need.  Furniture is easily sold online, or do you want to have a local showroom?  Either way, your software should enable POS and ease of shipping calculations based on the weight and size of items.
      Third, you may cross-post to other sites to start building a customer following.  Find the right site, such as eBay, and start by listing a few items on a single site to see how you like the process.

      Considering Selling Some of Your Furniture on Consignment?
      Here are some tips to get the best price for your pieces at your local furniture consignment store:
      Clean up your piece first, don’t wait for someone to tell you to clean it. Stain on the pillow? Treat it. A big scratch on the couch? Fix it. A lamp that does not work? Have it re-wired.

      Now you can price it to sell. Don’t forget even if the item is pretty much new, you will want to list it for less than retail.
      For finer unique vintage furnishings, research and compare your item with similar items to come up with an accurate number. And be patient, the right buyer will come at the right time.
      No matter if you are reselling furniture as your business or selling a few of your own items, one key to successful online sales is to take good pictures with accurate measurements.  Shoot multiple photo angles in good light including front, back, top, and bottom, as necessary. Tell your buyers how tall, long, high, and wide your items are to ensure a smooth transaction for all parties. Details are important; the more specific your descriptions, brand name, interesting history of the piece, photos, and measurements are the fewer questions you have to answer later.
      It’s time to promote your items! Start your promotions early. Use email blasts, postcard marketing to previous customers, local newspapers, neighborhood signs, Facebook, Eventbrite, Craigslist, and most importantly, online ads.  People search on their phones so if your website is set to scrape to Google Shopping properly you will see an immediate impact on your sales.
      And finally step, set up easy shipping and delivery. Your online site will be set up for immediate collection of delivery and payment if you choose.  Customers can easily pay for delivery if you have it coordinated in advance.  Longer haul trucking is easy to set up if you take the time to plan it and have that option for shipping, delivery, and handling as your business model demands.

Top 7 Furniture for Resale Are:

• Dining room/kitchen chairs

• Office chairs and other home office furniture

• Antique and vintage furniture

• End/side tables and nightstands

• Dressers

• Coffee tables

• 3+ Seat sofas

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