Simplify your business, simplify your life with the right consignment software and inventory management tools.

Running a consignment store isn’t as simple as advertise, sell, repeat. It’s a business that requires constant organizational improvements, detailed tracking, and comprehensive data analysis, just to name a few. Handling this only through manpower just isn’t realistic, effective, or financially savvy. Consignment store software provides a comprehensive tool to business owners and staff which overhauls daily inefficiencies.

Today, businesses need to be able to streamline unique workflows and optimize backend processes to maintain productivity and keep pace with fellow competitors. Consignment store software is a holistic solution to many of the short and long-term frustrations that face your business. In a time when tools are powering better business decision-making and bottom-line results in every other industry, it is time that resale shops and thrift stores unlock a better way of doing business – by utilizing consignment store software tailored for their needs.

A Better Way to Sell 

What does your current business model look like? Is your store maximizing resources and getting the most out of your team and potential customers? As an online reseller or consignment shop, it is important to regularly evaluate three pillars relating to your business. 

  • How do you sell? 
  • What do you sell? 
  • Where do you sell? 

Whether your business is primarily dependent upon in-store shopping, online sales, or a combination of both — it is critical that you are constantly working on a better way to sell. Gaining accurate and holistic insights and data into these questions is difficult to discover when you are lacking consignment store software.  

Attempting to collect, analyze, and optimize your business without the use of 21st-century tools quickly becomes frustrating and misleading. When plugging in comprehensive consignment store software to your shop, you unlock the ability to track, verify, and decide on evidence-backed improvements and changes.

When resellers know how to sell more effectively, you see profit margins increase. 

When resellers know what products are most successful at selling, inventory orders and management are better aligned. 

When resellers know where to best advertise and display their products, stores can get more attention and eyes on their inventory — all from the right target audience. 

These bottom-line improvements can all be attributed to the impact consignment store software has on resellers and thrift shops of all sizes and shapes.

Identifying & Addressing Your Consignment Store Needs 

As a reseller, countless factors and moving parts go into your business equation. This means that if you are onboarding or thinking about incorporating consignment store software into your daily operations, then it must address a whole host of inefficiencies and gaps within your current SOPs.

Consignment shops and thrift stores are constantly in a fast-paced lifecycle of buying, selling, and shipping. Your business doesn’t necessarily take place in just one location, and neither do your work habits. This calls for a web-based consignment store software that allows you to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

One of the biggest time sucks you probably face as a reseller is streamlining your inventory management system. When handling hundreds or thousands of products, it’s easy to become disorganized. Inventory can go missing, become mispriced, unsold, shipped to the wrong address, etc. Good inventory management ensures that your business is running smoothly and successfully on a day-to-day basis.

Consignment store software should help alleviate the stress and massive data workload that comes with running a resell business. This includes the ability to integrate with an eCommerce platform like Shopify, and run inventory checks and balances to ensure all correct item totals add up.

This software should also provide owners and their teams the added convenience of 100% accuracy in processing, default shipping by item type, and comprehensive reporting on a variety of trackable variables like daily revenue, weekly items bought, monthly items sold, etc.

The Importance of Having The Right Consignment Store Software

In order to experience the advantages of consignment store software, it’s critical that you implement the solution that best addresses your unique business needs.

Aravenda’s user-friendly, dynamic consignment store software is tailored to fit the exact needs of any resell operation — no matter the scale.

Aravenda’s resale platform is designed to make the business of resale — easier, simpler, and faster. With ongoing U.S. web and technical support, your requests and concerns will be met in a timely manner. In addition, our consignment store software is continuously updated and improved to provide the most seamless and effective management experience for your business. Start your free trial today, and enhance your business for tomorrow