A consignment business is subjected to countless variables in its day-to-day operations. From being able to track outgoing orders, managing revenue splits with sellers, or organizing inventory, business owners juggle multiple data-focused factors every day. Due to being a part of the retail industry, resale shops are concerned with providing a positive customer experience, while maximizing the profit and movability of their inventory. Web-based consignment software is providing resellers the digital tools and capacity to best organize and improve their business operations.

Today, Apple products are an increasing preference for small to mid-sized businesses, with roughly 55 percent of these companies using Mac computers for work. The popularity also extends to iPhones and iPads as the most common choice for smartphones and tablets. As a small or mid-sized consignment business, you may be using Mac computers for your work operations.

Your current workflow may include jumping between applications like Microsoft Excel and Shopify, as you manage orders, revenue, employees, and more. While Apple products are considered the best technology products on the market, it may feel like you’re operating under an inefficient and outdated process. However, you can harness the full power and functionality of your Apple products by using the right consignment software for Macs.

Aravenda’s Consignment Software for Mac

Apple products have made a name for themselves by being some of the most user-friendly and functional hardware solutions available. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to streamline their workflows and interactions, both internally and externally. As a consignment shop, you are constantly working with a variety of vendors, sellers, and customers — in addition to the operational responsibilities of each team member on staff. No matter how great the hardware you run on is, efficiently managing all the moving parts that come with buying and reselling products can’t be best optimized without the right software solution.

Jumping between programs, applications, and tabs just to organize and handle the day-to-day can get tedious and build-up to both time and financial losses over the course of a selling life cycle. Aravenda’s consignment software for Macs helps eliminate the speed bumps and irritations that face business owners, employees, sellers, and even customers.

Key features include:

  • Shopify, Point of Sale & Merchant ID Integration
  • List Individual Items or Full-Size Runs with Variants
  • Employee Productivity Metrics & Reporting
  • Multiple User Logins
  • Cross Platform Posting (e.g. Poshmark, eBay, Amazon, etc.)
  • Data Conversions from Other Systems
  • Automated Inbound Shipping Options
  • Custom Website Creation
  • Automated Consigner Payouts
  • Integrating Pricing Assistance
  • And more!

Pairing Aravenda’s web-based consignment software with your Apple and Mac products opens doors to a better experience for yourself, your employees, and all third-party players. As an end-to-end business solution, specifically designed for resellers, no better option exists for optimizing and expanding your consignment business.

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Your business relies on some of the best hardware in order to keep life running smoothly. So why doesn’t your business use the best web-based consignment software to increase productivity and improve operational management? Aravenda’s consignment software for Macs is a fully comprehensive solution that addresses nearly every business aspect a reseller handles in today’s digital age.

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