“Over the past decade and a half, consumers have been buying and discarding considerably more outfits. Between 2000 and 2014, global clothing production doubled, with shoppers purchasing roughly 60% more garments; at the same time, the number of times a piece of clothing is worn before it’s tossed out dropped by a third. The fashion industry is now solely responsible for 10 percent of the Earth’s carbon emissions and 20% of its wastewater; it’s the second largest polluter of water in the world. And in the end, very few of those clothes are recycled: most of them end up in landfills,” according to Amanda Abrams’s article on EcoWatch.


Sustainable shopping starts local but goes global with Aravenda. You can be a part of the solution and make a positive impact on the environment for future generations. If you’ve thought about taking control of not only your life, income but also want to be a part of the sustainable shopping industry, consider launching your own consignment business now. Whether it’s women’s, men’s or children’s fashion, sporting goods, furniture or collectibles, the Aravenda team chaperones you through the entire process and you’ll be up and running within a matter of days.


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