With resale selling doubling online over the last 18 months, it is important to maximize your potential to attract customers. Here are three best practices to help increase online sales.


1. Promote Your Items Across Multiple Selling Platforms. Just like with brick and mortar stores, customers have preferred and trusted shopping sites. In order to reach more customers, you need to promote your product on different platforms like Shopify, eBay, Tradesy, Poshmark and more. Find a software provider that has the capabilities to enter the item only once and then cross-promote across multiple platforms. Aravenda software is a Shopify partner and can help post and track your inventory across multiple channels.


2. Be Detailed in your Product Descriptions. Too often an item lacks adequate product photos and a good, detailed description. Think about when you go to a store, you make decisions based on what you can see and touch – fabric, texture, pattern, size, feel, etc. You need to include all of this information when selling online! Let’s talk about a coat for instance. Take and upload well-lit photos of the front, back, size, size tag, and care tag. Include measurements, material and feel in the description. If the information a customer wants to know isn’t available, they’ll move on.

 This might seem tiring to fill in all this information so to minimize the work, it is critical to find a software that can provide you fields that can be quickly completed.  Some software can even use voice activation to speed up the process.


3. Market & Attract Customers Where They Are – Online. You’ve done everything we’ve already discussed but your items still aren’t selling. Let’s talk about cutting through the Internet noise with advertising. A service such as Google Ads can help you create cost effective ads based on your unique product. You can limit your daily budget to the focused terms you need to attract new customers, and you can see increased sales volume almost immediately.

Another marketing opportunity is re-targeting. This is when a customer visits your site and leaves, they get “retargeted” with an online ad about your store or product. A good software provider can supply you with marketing and sales ads as part of your service with them.


Whether you are thinking about Aravenda as your partner in expanding your business online or another provider, be on the lookout for solutions that expand your potential customers, make your products standout, and can provide you resources to attract more buyers. 


If you have questions about best practices or options for your business, reach out to our Sales Manager, Nataley Shea.