People ask us every day on demo calls, “why should we choose you?”

Aravenda clients benefit from our innate creative competitive advantage: We started with a clean slate from which to design operations and processes. The benefits of this agile development process to our clients is even documented in a recent white paper from

Others in our space that started as POS systems were considered innovative in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and are now considered incumbents in the consignment software space. Compared to our agile development and operational systems, they contend with rigid and ingrained processes and systems, and a well-worn, usually siloed, organizational structure that slows decision making.

Some of these companies, often tout a large list of users, many of which are not selling online effectively, because they themselves have been reticent to make major changes to their processes, infrastructure or service lines that have impaired, and in many cases, closed down local consignment stores who have not been able to keep pace with the onset of digital sales.

In today’s competitive, fast growing resale sales environment, Aravenda is a shining example of McKinsey’s innovation culture where “operational-excellence efforts tend to emphasize the continuous improvement of current-state work.” Our success is not measured by how many employees we have, but rather the impact we make on each and every client’s business growth / increased sales.

Founded by a consignment store owner/operator who was dissatisfied with the status quo, unable to reach technical support when she needed it most, and wanting to sell more merchandise with single entry cross posting to all major shopping channels, we understand the owner operator challenges faced by consignment, thrift and resale stores.

Aravenda Consignment Software evolves every day, with every call, with every store’s input. Each person and each store has their own unique story, their own loyal customers, their own individual challenges, and their own personal sales goals. No matter what our clients are selling, they all have one thing in common – they all want to smoothly run a profitable business with trusted technology partner who is there for them when they need help or ideas.